Patios & Walkways

Although many companies can make a patio or walkway look nice, the key to making it long lasting is the preparation work required to ensure stability. This work includes excavating out the loam or unsuitable material to the proper depth, filling the area back in and compacting the stone and gravel in lifts to avoid settling later, using a screed on the top layer of sand or stone dust to ensure proper pitch and run off and making sure the finish grade comes together, not just on the patio and the walkway, but the entire property to ensure the line of vision is smooth and uninterrupted. Patio‚Äôs are a great way to entertain, relax and enjoy your property more. From small and quaint designs to elaborate large designs, we have a design plan to fit your budget and functionality. Walkways and lead walks are the most common paver installation. With walkways connecting patios to the front driveway, or lead walks that present your house to each and every visitor. Let us design a wonderful installation for you today!

Patios and walkways serve as extensions of your indoor living space, guiding you out through an oasis of tranquility. There is a wide range of material types for all hardscape applications from natural wall stone and clay pavers to cast concrete wall block and pavers. We can provide you the look you want while maintaining a practical perspective on the project, resulting in a quality finished product that our residential and commercial clients can enjoy for years to come.